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Vietnam Business Visa

Vietnam Business Visa is valid for 3 months to 1 year depending your sponsorship. The grant of this type of visa requires a Warranty Letter from your sponsor in Vietnam.

If you enter Vietnam for just a few days  for business purpose, you can also apply for a tourist visa instead since this makes no difference.

How to apply for Vietnam Business Visa?

You need to have a company/agency sponsor for your Business visa by giving you an pre-approval visa lette before you arrive Vietnam.

Once you have the pre-appoval visa letter, There are 2 ways to obtain Vietnam Business Visa: you can either obtain a visa directly at Vietnam Embassy or obtain a visa on arrival at one of Vietnam International Airports.

Based on our own experience as visa advisor over the years, we know what is the most free-hassle way to get Vietnam business visa. The fastest, cheapest way to get a Vietnam visa is VISA ON ARRIVAL. With such method, foreign travelers do not need to send away their original passports via post mail or pay repeatedly for visiting Vietnam Embassy for finalizing Vietnam visa procedure.


We can provide all types of Business visa just by online apply

1 month Business visa

3 month Business visa

6 month Business visa

1 year Business visa 

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