Visa On Arrival

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Visa on Arrival/ Visa upon arrival (or visa at airport/visa in advance/pre-obtaining visa/Visa pre-arrival) is a program that has been available for almost ten year and has become the most popular way of getting a Vietnamese visa. It is cheaper, faster, and requires less paperwork than other ways of obtaining a visa. For easy understanding, It is way to pre-obtaining your approval letter for Vietnam visa online before your arrival, and then get your Vietnam visa stamped at international airports in Vietnam when you arrive.

Visa on Arrival doesn’t require you to waste time going to your country’s Vietnamese embassy or sending away your passport.  In order to get a visa on arrival, all you need to do is apply online via our secured website and within two working days we will email you an approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. With this approval letter, you can pick up your Vietnam visa at any international airports in Vietnam after paying the appropriate stamping fee. (See the official stamp fee here)